Otkup praznih tonera

Have you tried remanufactured toners? It is stupid to pay ten kuna more and you think you get the same thing as with replacement toners. We are reluctant to say that but you are wrong. The company Alfabet Incubator restores toner cartridges, ie empty original toners, which we return to their original condition by refilling and replacing parts. A very important factor in the difference between replacement and refurbished is the quality of the powder. link.

SCC has been present on the toner renewal market for about 30 years and produces top toner powders that we also use, and they are characterized by sensitivity and sensitivity of application to the develop unit of the toner cartridge, which is best seen in rasser images, cannot be achieved with poor replacement toners.

Let’s say it’s like having a car with a remote control, but it can chase at high speed, but you can’t drive it slower, then accelerate, etc.

Another important quality factor are OPC rollers and wiper ballads, which we change on the legs, which are very important elements when printing. Basically, if you want to print nicer images, with a wider range of colors and shades, use our remanufactured toners.